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Common Questions

ClickPay is an online payment gateway providing easy payment processing And reliable for shops and individuals. ClickPay Small and medium-sized enterprises in the first place and so To make accepting online card use easier to connect Less expensive and most importantly less risk of fraud. Therefore, the services provided include a secure payment gateway Plus a fraud protection system.

ClickPay provides the necessary protection for you and your customers as it provides the necessary precautions to reduce risks.

To achieve this, ClickPay uses the latest version of the (SSL) system, which requires that your credit card data sent from the server you use (or through your Internet service) be in a secure way and in an encrypted form. This ensures that no one can interfere with your transaction or obtain your private and sensitive information.

ClickPay enables you to accept credit cards such as Visa, Master Card, and all MADA ATM cards.

Yes, at the present time it is necessary to have a business account with a bank Development to get a real account on the ClickPay platform.

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