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ClickPay is payment solutions provider that processes payments simply and securely. The ClickPay product targets SME’s primarily with a view to making online card acceptance more easily integrated with lower costs and more importantly minimal fraud.

Services provided include Secure Payment Gateway, Fraud Preventions systems with convenient payment options and ecommerce platforms tailor-made for social media compatibility.

ClickPay is safe for you and for your customers provided the necessary precautions are followed to minimize risks. ClickPay uses the latest version of Secure Socket Layer (SSL) system that requires credit card data be transmitted from your (or your Internet Service Provider’s (ISP)) secure server in encrypted form. This ensures that no one can intercept the transaction and obtain sensitive information.

ClickPay able to accept major credit/debit cards from MasterCard, Visa, and mada.


Yes, for now you should have a business account with Alinma bank to register a live account with ClickPay. 

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